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Dysport® in Pittsburgh & Bridgeville, PA

Our skin undergoes various changes as we age, which can significantly affect our appearance. No matter how hard we try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections may inevitably appear on our faces. Fortunately, non-surgical solutions can help us achieve a more youthful appearance, one of which is Dysport.

Serving Pittsburgh and Bridgeville, PA, we offer Dysport as a cosmetic treatment option at Renuva Medspa. Dysport is considered a safe and effective alternative to other injectables such as Botox®. It can provide quicker results and give a softer appearance. If you’re looking for a solution to enhance your look, consider Dysport as a cosmetic treatment option.

What Is Dysport?

Dysport is a prescription injection used for various medical and cosmetic purposes, similar to Botox. It contains a botulinum toxin type A, a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This innovative neuromodulator is gaining popularity for its ability to diminish wrinkles and fine lines, leaving you with a rejuvenated and youthful appearance. 

Dysport is injected into specific facial muscles, where it temporarily relaxes them. This relaxation prevents the muscles from contracting and forming wrinkles. Essentially, it smooths out existing lines and prevents new ones from developing.

Benefits of Dysport

Reduced Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Dysport is an injectable treatment that is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It works by blocking nerve signals that cause muscle contractions, which can lead to wrinkles and fine lines. Dysport can treat frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and other areas where wrinkles are present.

Long-Lasting Results

One of the main advantages of Dysport is that it provides long-lasting results. This makes it an excellent option for those seeking a more permanent solution to their wrinkle concerns.

Quick Treatment Time

Another benefit of Dysport is that it requires only a few minutes for treatment. The process typically takes less than 30 minutes, making it an excellent option for those with busy schedules who don’t have time for lengthy treatments.

Natural-Looking Results

Dysport also provides natural-looking results; unlike other injectable treatments, Dysport does not leave you with a frozen or unnatural look after treatment. Instead, it leaves your face looking smooth and refreshed without showing that you had injections done.

Minimal Side Effects

Unlike other injectable treatments, Dysport has minimal side effects associated with its use. The most common side effect reported is minor swelling at the injection site; however, this usually subsides within a few hours after treatment and does not require any additional medical attention or intervention. 

Low Risk of Allergic Reactions

Dysport also carries a lower risk of allergic reactions than other injectable treatments due to its formulation; because it contains no animal products or preservatives, there is less chance of an allergic reaction occurring after treatment than with other injectables such as Botox or JUVÉDERM®.

Non-Surgical Solution

Dysport is a non-surgical solution to reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the face; unlike surgical procedures such as facelifts or brow lifts, there are no incisions required with Dysport, so there is no downtime associated with this type of treatment, and recovery time is minimal compared to surgery options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dysport

Dysport and Botox, while both derived from botulinum toxin type A, differ in their formulation, protein composition, and unit dosing. Dysport tends to have a quicker onset, usually within two to three days, compared to Botox, which can take about a week. Additionally, Dysport has a reputation for spreading to a broader area after injection, which can be advantageous for treating larger areas but requires skilled application to avoid affecting unintended muscles.

The initial effects of Dysport are typically noticeable within two to three days post-injection, which is generally faster than some other neuromodulators. The peak effect is usually seen within a week, revealing a smoother, more youthful appearance in the treated areas. This quick onset makes Dysport popular for individuals seeking more immediate results.

Dysport can effectively be combined with other cosmetic treatments, such as dermal fillers, laser therapies, or chemical peels, to enhance facial rejuvenation. By addressing different aspects of facial aging, combining treatments allows for a more comprehensive approach. It’s important to consult with us to tailor a treatment plan that considers the specific interactions and timing between treatments.

The results of Dysport typically last up to four months, but this can vary based on individual factors such as the area treated, the patient’s muscle mass, and their metabolism rate. Some patients may find that the effects last a bit longer with successive treatments. Regular maintenance sessions are recommended to sustain the desired results over time.

Dysport is an inclusive treatment suitable for a wide range of individuals. Ideal candidates are generally adults who wish to address the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on their faces. Age is not the sole determining factor; what matters most is your specific cosmetic goals and overall health.

Factors affecting candidacy include allergies to Dysport ingredients, certain medical conditions, or medications. Skin type and lifestyle play a role as well. Consulting with us is essential to determine your suitability for Dysport. We will assess your unique needs and goals, ensuring that Dysport is the right choice for you, leading to a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

We offer cutting-edge cosmetic solutions at Renuva Medspa to help our clients in Pittsburgh and Bridgeville, PA, look and feel their best. Among our top treatments is Dysport, a popular neuromodulator that offers a quick and non-invasive way to reduce wrinkles with minimal discomfort. We will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and goals, helping you to rediscover your youthful radiance. Contact us online or call (412) 880-2522 to get started.

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Julia Provenzano
Julia Provenzano
I was absolutely amazed but the service that wad provided to me. I was recently diagnosed with cancer and was worried about losing my eyebrows. Not only was the staff able to get me in for an appointment for microblading right away, they also made every part of the experience as confortable and as easy as possible. Diana did an amazing job. She helped me decide on a eyebrow shape, and helped me through the entire process. I wouls say overall my experience was 5 stars. I can't wait to return for more services, and I would strongly reccomend them for microblading services. Thank you to the Management and Staff for your kindness and compassion.
Ashley Barna
Ashley Barna
Karri is beyond amazing with micro blading my brows! She makes you feel comfortable, great conversation, compassionate and has me looking like a Million bucks!
Jourdan VanWieren
Jourdan VanWieren
I booked a facial with Lauren. I was incredibly nervous and didn’t know which treatment to book. She listened to my skin concerns and changed my original booking to something that better fit my needs. She shared her own experiences which made me feel understood. Lauren was also very knowledgeable in the science behind her products which makes a huge difference in trusting materials I put on my face. Really appreciate her care in my treatment and look forward to booking with her again! I also get filler with Ellie. Hands down couldn’t ask for a better experience. She always makes me feel so comfortable. She explains every step and discusses the science behind each product. Trust her completely for all my filler needs!
Madison Crissey
Madison Crissey
I have been getting my eyebrows Microbladed by Karri for I think 3 years now and she is the best person for the job! I would not trust anyone else with my brows! Bonus we always catch up every time I go in for my appointment, she truly loves all of her clients!
Brittney Gregg
Brittney Gregg
Karri is the eyebrow queen as always with my appointments with her! Gave me the perfect freshening they needed!
Alyssa Mikol
Alyssa Mikol
I had my eyebrows micro bladed by Dallas last July and she did an amazing job! I wake up every single morning so thankful I had this done and so thankful I chose Renuva for my microblading service.
I came back for my 1-1.5 year microshading color boost with Dallas & could not be happier! They’re even better than last time & I loved them then. I get compliments on my eyebrows constantly since this & don’t even have to fill them in ever. She is amazing at what she does!! She is so friendly & runs a great business overall. I wish I lived closer or I’d get many other things done here as well. If you are considering coming here for brows, just do it! Thanks again Dallas, you are the best!!
Jennifer Eyerman
Jennifer Eyerman
Everyone is so pleasant and helpful! I was unsure which treatment was best for me, but each gal I spoke with truly listened and was able to suggest solutions specifically for my goals. I see Karri pretty regularly and she is amazing. Very knowledgeable and a joy to be around :)
Jamie King
Jamie King
Karri has been microblading my eyebrows for 7 years now. Your eyebrows truly shape your face and set you up for a makeup-free look! I got hooked on Karri back in 2016 when I decided to splurge on microblading for my wedding but now it is an essential yearly routine for me and I will never go without it! Thank you Karri for a wonderful microblading experience as always. The numbing cream makes this service very tolerable. No pain or bleeding afterwards, just flawless, everyday brows ✨
Carolyn Berardino
Carolyn Berardino
Karri is the best, my go-to for microblading!