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Radiesse® in Pittsburgh & Bridgeville, PA

Seeking a refreshed and youthful appearance is a common desire, and addressing concerns like fine lines and volume loss often leads individuals to consider various treatments. Radiesse is a notable choice, recognized for its immediate volumizing effects and its ability to promote long-term collagen production. This treatment adeptly tackles the signs of facial aging with both precision and subtlety.

At Renuva Medspa in Pittsburgh and Bridgeville, PA, we’re committed to delivering Radiesse treatments with a high level of expertise and an understanding of facial aesthetics. Our focus is on providing personalized care, ensuring each session is tailored to the unique goals of our clients.

What Is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a distinctive dermal filler, favored for its dual action in the realm of aesthetic treatments. Unlike conventional fillers, Radiesse not only offers immediate volume enhancement but also acts as a biostimulator, encouraging the natural production of collagen within the skin.

What Is Radiesse Made From?

Radiesse is made with a substance called calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), which is biocompatible and mirrors substances found naturally in the body. Suspended in a water-based gel, these CaHA microspheres are the cornerstone of Radiesse’s volumizing and collagen-stimulating prowess.

How Does Radiesse Work?

Upon injection, Radiesse serves as a scaffold, providing immediate structure and volume to the targeted areas. Over time, its role as a biostimulator comes into play, as the CaHA microspheres stimulate the body’s own collagen production, extending the filler’s rejuvenating effects and contributing to a more natural and enduring outcome.

What Are the Benefits of Radiesse?

Immediate and Long-Term Effects

Radiesse filler distinguishes itself by delivering both instantaneous volume upon injection and enduring improvements through natural collagen synthesis. This helps ensure that the initial lifting and contouring are seamlessly complemented by progressive skin revitalization.

Versatility in Applications

Radiesse can be effectively used in various facial areas, which makes it a versatile treatment for many different aesthetic concerns. It is typically used on the lower half of the face, addressing some of the most common signs of aging around the mouth.

Minimal Downtime

Opting for Radiesse comes with the convenience of minimal recovery time. Most individuals can resume their daily activities right after the treatment, making it a practical choice for those seeking effective aesthetic enhancements without significant interruption to their routine.

Treatment Areas for Radiesse

Oral Commissures

Radiesse injections are specifically designed to target the downturned areas around the mouth known as oral commissures. By restoring volume in this region, Radiesse helps to counteract the appearance of persistent frowning and provides a more neutral, rested expression.

Smile Lines

The prominent smile lines, or nasolabial folds, that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth can be effectively softened with Radiesse. This filler smooths out these creases, contributing to a more youthful and cheerful facial demeanor.

Marionette Lines

Marionette lines, which extend downward from the corners of the mouth, can often give a sagging or unhappy appearance. Radiesse treatment is adept at diminishing these lines, restoring a more balanced and uplifted contour to the lower face.

Chin Wrinkles

Radiesse proves beneficial in addressing the often-overlooked area of chin wrinkles. By enhancing the volume and structure in this region, Radiesse can reduce the prominence of chin creasing, contributing to a more harmonious facial profile.

Pre-Jowl Folds

The area on either side of the chin, known as the pre-jowl sulcus, can become more pronounced as volume diminishes with age. Radiesse offers a solution by filling in these folds, helping to recreate the smooth jawline associated with youth and vitality.

FAQs About Radiesse

The longevity of Radiesse filler is one of its most notable attributes, with results typically enduring for a year or more. The biostimulating action of Radiesse continues to promote collagen production well after the initial treatment, prolonging the youthful appearance.

A session of Radiesse treatment is a streamlined process, often completed in far less than an hour. After a consultation to map out the treatment areas, the filler is injected using fine needles or cannulas, with many patients reporting minimal discomfort.

Post-treatment care for Radiesse injections is straightforward. In addition to avoiding NSAIDs and excessive alcohol consumption, patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities for a short period. Sun protection and gentle skincare are also recommended to support the healing process. Avoid touching, scratching, or rubbing the injection sites. Ask your doctor if you have any other questions about the proper post-treatment care.

To extend the effects of Radiesse, maintaining a healthy skin regimen is key. This includes proper hydration, a balanced diet rich in antioxidants, regular use of sunscreen, and avoiding smoking. Additionally, follow-up treatments can be scheduled as recommended by your provider.

Discovering the right aesthetic solution can help refresh and rejuvenate your appearance. Radiesse is a versatile solution that can help many of our patients at Renuva Medspa. We are always focused on personalizing our services and treatments so that we can directly target your concerns. If you are in or around Pittsburgh and Bridgeville, PA, we’re here to guide you through your aesthetic enhancements with professionalism and care. 

If Radiesse sounds like the right choice for you, or if you have more questions about this treatment, we’re just a phone call away. Dial (412) 880-2522 to schedule a consultation or learn more about our services. You can also reach out to us through our online form, and we’ll get in touch to schedule an appointment.

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Julia Provenzano
Julia Provenzano
I was absolutely amazed but the service that wad provided to me. I was recently diagnosed with cancer and was worried about losing my eyebrows. Not only was the staff able to get me in for an appointment for microblading right away, they also made every part of the experience as confortable and as easy as possible. Diana did an amazing job. She helped me decide on a eyebrow shape, and helped me through the entire process. I wouls say overall my experience was 5 stars. I can't wait to return for more services, and I would strongly reccomend them for microblading services. Thank you to the Management and Staff for your kindness and compassion.
Ashley Barna
Ashley Barna
Karri is beyond amazing with micro blading my brows! She makes you feel comfortable, great conversation, compassionate and has me looking like a Million bucks!
Jourdan VanWieren
Jourdan VanWieren
I booked a facial with Lauren. I was incredibly nervous and didn’t know which treatment to book. She listened to my skin concerns and changed my original booking to something that better fit my needs. She shared her own experiences which made me feel understood. Lauren was also very knowledgeable in the science behind her products which makes a huge difference in trusting materials I put on my face. Really appreciate her care in my treatment and look forward to booking with her again! I also get filler with Ellie. Hands down couldn’t ask for a better experience. She always makes me feel so comfortable. She explains every step and discusses the science behind each product. Trust her completely for all my filler needs!
Madison Crissey
Madison Crissey
I have been getting my eyebrows Microbladed by Karri for I think 3 years now and she is the best person for the job! I would not trust anyone else with my brows! Bonus we always catch up every time I go in for my appointment, she truly loves all of her clients!
Brittney Gregg
Brittney Gregg
Karri is the eyebrow queen as always with my appointments with her! Gave me the perfect freshening they needed!
Alyssa Mikol
Alyssa Mikol
I had my eyebrows micro bladed by Dallas last July and she did an amazing job! I wake up every single morning so thankful I had this done and so thankful I chose Renuva for my microblading service.
I came back for my 1-1.5 year microshading color boost with Dallas & could not be happier! They’re even better than last time & I loved them then. I get compliments on my eyebrows constantly since this & don’t even have to fill them in ever. She is amazing at what she does!! She is so friendly & runs a great business overall. I wish I lived closer or I’d get many other things done here as well. If you are considering coming here for brows, just do it! Thanks again Dallas, you are the best!!
Jennifer Eyerman
Jennifer Eyerman
Everyone is so pleasant and helpful! I was unsure which treatment was best for me, but each gal I spoke with truly listened and was able to suggest solutions specifically for my goals. I see Karri pretty regularly and she is amazing. Very knowledgeable and a joy to be around :)
Jamie King
Jamie King
Karri has been microblading my eyebrows for 7 years now. Your eyebrows truly shape your face and set you up for a makeup-free look! I got hooked on Karri back in 2016 when I decided to splurge on microblading for my wedding but now it is an essential yearly routine for me and I will never go without it! Thank you Karri for a wonderful microblading experience as always. The numbing cream makes this service very tolerable. No pain or bleeding afterwards, just flawless, everyday brows ✨
Carolyn Berardino
Carolyn Berardino
Karri is the best, my go-to for microblading!